So this is about a month late.

I just moved to Madrid a little over a month ago. I came here on a scholarship/grant via the Spanish Ministry of Education to be an English assistant at a secundaria (highschool). I left a comfortable job in a field that I didn’t study for. I had always wanted to come back to Spain after my brief time here during a summer abroad Travel Study.

Part of the reason I applied to this program was because my ladyfriend was applying to the french equivalent. I was basically following her. After a series of events, one of which included her getting a raise/promotion and deciding to stay in Los Angeles, I decided to still go.

For those who’ve been/are in the program, I don’t have to tell you how Spain has tested every last drop of patience in your being. After reading multiple blogs/facebook posts from other Auxiliares, I’ve come to the consensus that most of us are having a rough time. I’ve been lucky in a lot of situations where others have not been *knocks on wood*, but there have been moments where rescheduling my return flight has been tempting. I know several have already left.

don’t let the name fool you. I will document the positive. It was simply a chance be clever (and truthful of many present situations) and reference a good song:



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  1. Kudos to you for making the move even though your ladyfriend stayed…I look forward to your stories from Spain!

    • Gabriela

      Thanks! Yea, I won’t lie, but it’s been hard. I’m going to apply for a second year but I’m very certain I won’t accept if I get placement. I’m only applying as a backup JUST in case.

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