3.1 Hijo de Puta

I’m sorry to my loyal fan base (consisting of my girlfriend) for not updating lately. I wish i could say it’s because I’ve been busy, however, that is not the case. Too many siestas to put it bluntly.

My cousin’s friend was in Madrid and I showed her around a bit this week. As I walked her back we had a brief discussion on her two favorite spanish cuss words “culo” and “puta” and how often they are used here.

This promptly reminded me of this gem of a video. If you’ve never uttered hijo de puta. Do it now. It really rolls off the tongue so nicely.

I’ll try and post some entries i’ve had in mind regarding el teleferico, not doing shit on your puente because you’re broke, the christmas firework show hosted by Samsung in Cibeles, and how spanish are walking stereotypes of themselves.



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2 responses to “3.1 Hijo de Puta

  1. Ahh my Spanish coworkers just showed me this video a couple months ago, so funny! Nice blog.

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