3.75 How I spent my first Christmas without my family

I’ve had this tab open for over a week hoping that it’ll encourage me to blog. Its been 24 hours since I began that first sentence, and let me say its taking every fiber of my being to do this.

On December 22nd I met with my friend Angelica and we went to a Christmas Firework show in Plaza Cibeles. It began at 8pm and thats exactly when we got there. If you plan on ever going, I’d recommend at least getting there 20 minutes earlier to get a good spot. If you can, get a spot on Paseo de Recolectos, across from el Palacio de Communicaciones. The show is projected onto that building.

We got a spot on Calle Alcala. So our view was a bit skewed. The show was pretty cool. It was presented by Samsung. Though I´ve seen better firework shows, it was still fun and momentarily got me into the spirit.

Christmas in Madrid felt like any other weekend for me. Noche Buena was spent here, at the apartment with my roommate, her boyfriend (the unofficial douche roommate), and his brother and the brother´s girlfriend. The boyfriend made the dinner, which consisted of sopa de alubias con callos, ensalada rusa (aka potato salad), and meat, lots of meat.

After the brothers got into a who-can-talk-louder-and-more-unintelligible match, I snuck away to my bedroom and tried talking to my family via skype.

The next day, I spent it cooking for the Christmas dinner I’d be having with my American friends. There were only 5 of us, but we made enough to feed 10. It was a pleasant evening, but I was homesick for my family and friends back in L.A.

I couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over. Scarlett was to arrive the 26th. I cleaned every nook and cranny in my teeny tiny room. At tried to look my best possible in order to recieve her. I obsessively checked the Flight Tracker online and wasn´t able to sleep that night (I’ll talk about that in my next update).


  1. Turron
  2. Polvorones
  3. Marzapan
  4. Sidra
  5. Roscon (for Dia de Los Reyes Magos)

This is by no means a complete list. I just wanted to get that out there.


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