5.0 The one where I finally make art

Awhile back I started “liking” art centers and galleries on facebook in hopes that it would motivate and inspire me to create work again. So low and behold a posting for an open call to exhibit in the month of February.

So I finally got off my butt and started working on some art. Theres nothing like the thrill of a deadline to get me motivated, antsy, and creative. I work best under pressure…with relation to art. I created 3 paintings. I had worked on a sculpture maybe two months ago and revisited it and reworked that as well. I sent in my proposal in terrible spanish and got in!

To be honest, had I not got in, I’d be a bit embarrassed. This gallery isn’t exactly top-notch or high-end. It’s a communal space for artists and vagrants (not necessarily mutually exclusive). Regardless, I’m thankful for having been given a deadline and a space to show my work. Who knows, maybe something bigger will come out of this!

If you’re in Madrid tonight, or within the next month, Come check out the show at La Tabacalera.

It will be up until March 8th. Tonight, February 10th at 7pm is the opening. However, this week will there will be tons of things going on at the Tabacalera, like an electronic show, work shops, performers, other art shows, random guys named Amara offering you weed, etc.


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