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4.0 My long-distance relationship temporarily becomes a close-distance relationship

My ladyfriend came to visit me for 12 days. It seemed like I’d been waiting forever for this visit and before I knew it she came and went. I’ve been in a funk since I left. I turned 27 a few days after she left and didn’t celebrate it in any way.

Alas, let’s relive my TEN FOURTEEN favorite photos from her visit.

Here is the view from our room with a beautiful view of Santiago de Compostela. Santiago was a charming little city. It’s incredibly tourist-friendly. So much, that I don’t think anyone actually lives there. Regardless, I loved it very much and would love to return. Maybe one day I’ll do the Camino to Santiago.

We stayed at Costa Vella in Santiago. I highly recommend this hotel. The views are great and the entire staff was very welcoming and accommodating. Here is Scarlett and my hand showing you a slice of tetilla (small boob) cheese with a bitten off tip. Their breakfast included cheese, croissants, delicious fresh Galician bread, tomato spread, coffee, tea, and fresh orange juice.

Just a random view of a street in Santiago. The building on the right shows the typical Galician window. Which is usually white, sticks out, and are large. According to the internet, they’re supposed to replicate the rear windows in the Spanish galleons of yesteryear.

We rented a car and took a drive to Vigo to visit my uncle. It wasn’t the best day, but I was glad to have met him, I just wish it would have been under different circumstances. We went up the castro and took that photo of the port.

The next day we drove to A Coruña, where we headed straight to la Torre de Hercules. It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world. We didn’t climb it, but we walked around the area as it was quite scenic and lovely.

These benches were great for chilling out. I’d love to come back here to this very spot and plan ahead by bringing some lunch.

After our time in Galicia we flew to Granada. The same day we went to visit the Alhambra by night. Here is a detail of a wall within the Palacio de Nazaries.

If planning a trip to Granada buy your Alhambra tickets ahead of time! We did and we did not have to wait in line at all.

We went up to the mirador San Nicolas to watch the last sunset of 2011. It was a great view and a great photo op.

Go home tourists!

The night before I took this we decided to brave the Albayzin.  It basically involved us almost getting run over by a taxi down one of it’s narrow, curving streets, and getting lost trying to find who knows what. When we came upon this door I made the executive decision of turning back to the hotel.

the greatest Belen ever

We accidently walked into a building we thought were some ancient stables only to find the greatest thing ever – this belen. It made me so happy. It’s aesthetic was exactly what I needed at that moment. I love it so much. I wish i could go back there so I could stare and play with it.

We celebrate NYE in Granada along with everyone in Granada that night. The latter shows what the masses left over after they dispersed to the after parties.

Unfortunately we got sick on our last day in Granada and didn’t have much energy for much. We went back to my teeny tiny uncomfortable apartment for a night before heading to the hotel we had booked in Plaza Santa Ana. We spent some more time being sick.

On the one day we felt good enough to do stuff I took Scarlett on the teleferico.The teleferico isn’t very publicized or advertised anywhere, not around town, not in tour guide books, but it’s one of my favorite things to do in the city.

Despite the length of this blog entry, the time she was here went by too fast. I miss her terribly and have been a bit depressed ever since she left. I don’t want to go through the next 6 months with the end (of this program) in mind the whole time. I want to enjoy and take advantage of this great opportunity. However, I cannot wait for the summer to make our plans a reality.


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